Group Theoretic Origin of the Domino Height Functions

In order to learn about domino shuffling, I have asked around various times for implementations of the domino shuffling algorithm. Mathoverflow 40445 (Looking for Implementations of Domino Shuffling) Mathoverflow 81009 (Height Function from Max-Flow/Min-Cut) Mathoverflow #78302 (Rhombus Tilings with More than Three Directions The original program was implemented by Sameera Iyengar who was a student […]

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Riemann Hilbert Problems and Wall Crossing Formulae – for Calc I Students

Holomorphic functions are basically functions in terms of and not the complex conjugate . The function is not holomorphic since it depends on the conjugate. Meromorphic functions are allowed to blow up to infinity in a specific way. Obviously, is divergent at and it’s our prototype for a “pole”. Using the geometric series formula we […]

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